For years, the image of “Teaching People to Fly” has served as a guiding metaphor.  Imagine standing with a group of people in a sunlit meadow, a gentle breeze in our faces, arms outstretched, moving up and down in even, slow  and deliberate strokes.  First one person’s feet ease off the ground, then another’s.  Soon the whole group of us is in the air, testing our wings, supported by invisible currents, feeling our balance as we begin to soar with an unordinary sense of exhilaration and joy!

When I fully step into the moment of my practice, allowing Chi to animate my body and my thoughts dissolve on the wind, it seems I am getting very close to take off.

Jacob Barnett
has been practicing T’ai Chi since 1977; instructing since 1982, with an emphasis on applying the form’s essence to daily life, as a vehicle for health, personal development and resilience.

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