Cultivating and Circulating Chi

Comprised of a series of slow, circular, gentle movements, Tai Chi offers us a way of reestablishing and deepening our connection to the Natural World, through intention, relaxed movement and abdominal breathing. With regular practice, we experience a current of energy, or chi, flowing through us and around us. In time  we may discover how to harmonize with this current and explore ways of deepening our relationship to currents of chi. Traditional wisdom holds cultivation and circulation of chi is responsible for maintaining optimal health and well being on life’s path.

Practicing Tai Chi is a perfect way of beginning the day, strengthening our adaptability and improving our ability to respond to challenges of the time. Practiced regularly, Tai Chi is documented to increase and expand physical, mental and emotional capacities.  Additionally, practicing Tai Chi lowers blood pressure, improves circulation and balance, develops neuromuscular pathways, strengthens muscles, increases flexibility, precipitates relaxation and strengthens vitality throughout the body.

Intention & Vision:
Each practice offers us different opportunities, which seem to vary with the intention we bring. Often a Tai Chi practice shows up as an experience of reconnecting to our humanity. Embracing our Human Nature, where Cosmos meets Earth; stepping away from the call of technology and the busyness of the day to enter a deep resonant connection with Natural World, with the wisdom and regenerative energy of the moment.

An Experiential Perspective:
Moving slowly, we experience our bodies clearly in time and space, noticing our weight on the soles of our feet, the warmth of Sun on our faces, perhaps a gentle breeze passing through our fingers as we allow Chi to animate our bodies. ~ Circular breath invites fluid reflections of Nature’s Currents surrounding us. Inhaling Chi from Cosmos; exhaling Chi to Cosmos, we cultivate and circulate chi.

We are often joined by birds, gophers; sometimes a coyote or deer and fellow beings on the path.

Classes & Workshops: Experience the many benefits of Tai Chi for yourself!

Experience Tai Chi! Jacob Barnett demonstrates Tai Chi "Warm Ups" in Woodacre, California