Classes & Workshops Outdoors in Salem, Oregon: Experience Tai Chi For Yourself!

Learn how you can experience currents of Chi surrounding you and learn to allow these currents to animate your being and improve your health! Practiced regularly, Tai Chi is documented to lower blood pressure, improve balance and circulation, increase flexibility, precipitate relaxation and strengthen vitality throughout your being. Classes are paced to meet participants’ needs and designed for all interested, regardless of experience.

Tai Chi is a way of reestablishing and deepening our connection to forces of the Natural World, through intention, slow, circular, relaxed movement AND abdominal breathing. With regular practice, over time, we experience a current of energy flowing through us and around us and discover how to harmonize with it.

If Tai Chi is something you would like to experience for yourself, now is the time to begin!  Registration for classes is ongoing.

Instructor: Jacob Barnett has been practicing Tai Chi since 1976; instructing since 1982, with an emphasis on applying the form’s essence to daily life, as a vehicle for health, personal development and resilience and transformation.

Individual instructional sessions are also available and may be scheduled at a time and place best suited to you. Advantages of individual sessions include one-to-one instruction, pace that fits your own learning style, individual commentary and adjustments to addresses your personal growing edges. ~~ Please inquire.

Contact Jacob Barnett with your questions and to sign up for classes:
415.488.4458 or email: