Discover Benefits of Breathing with Earth & Cosmos
Utilize Your Entire Being

Class Series Beginning in Salem, Oregon
Monday, November 27,  2023
@ 11:00 AM
Reed Opera House at ATTOVIA #209
189 Liberty St NE, Salem, OR 97301
Please contact Jacob with questions and to register

Jacob Barnett ~:~ 415.488.4458

Challenging Times Require an UnOrdinary Response!

Regular Tai Chi practice is strengthening in many ways:

• Cultivate and Circulate Chi
• Nourish deep relaxation

• Promote restful sleep
• Improve physical, mental & emotional balance
• Strengthen your immune system
• Increase personal vitality & well being
• Deepen flexibility
• Align with Harmony
• Enhance mental clarity & alertness
• Respond gracefully to planetary change
• Potentiate your sincere intention
…And more!

The perfect practice in response to this time!

If you think you may be interested, please call for details
Ultimate satisfaction guaranteed!

Instructor: Jacob Barnett has been practicing Tai Chi since 1976; instructing since 1982, with an emphasis on applying the form’s essence to daily life, as a vehicle for health, personal development and resilience.

Questions, Registration & Directions: Jacob Barnett 415.488.4458
Series of Four 90 min. classes $200 suggested donation
~:~ No One  turned away for lack of funds ~:~
Private lessons and custom classes for organizations also available. Please inquire